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Syfy(Sci Fi) is a movie TV station from USA.
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nothing but commercials what a rip off,,,,, this site is crap,,,thats why their ratings are down
Posted on 2017-03-01 15:57:35 by ken
Can't get any channel to come on, what the ???
Posted on 2016-03-03 20:21:42 by Wm. Willette
not working
Posted on 2015-10-01 17:14:17 by :(

Posted on 2015-06-04 17:34:23 by masud
site works great,,, all the people bitching about the site hear is an idea pay for cable or satellite and shut up, this is a great site
Posted on 2015-05-08 08:06:40 by just saying
good job , keep this site up
Posted on 2014-06-29 16:00:11 by Issam
full of fukin ads goin elsewheres
Posted on 2014-04-13 13:19:16 by Slick Dick
They says its live and I am just trying to watch Friday night Smackdown and they give me this movie trash NU NO I am not watching that trash
Posted on 2014-04-11 17:25:21 by Ding dong so long
Syfy presents itself quite nicely, even with my limited bandwidth, today.
Posted on 2014-01-11 21:03:09 by Jude
Please make that: Food Network
Posted on 2013-11-25 10:38:10 by Arthur
Thank you Ron...patience is definitely a virtue; however, an anyone advise as to why the Fod Netork stream is not available? Appreech!
Posted on 2013-11-25 10:37:33 by Arthur
the only sites that don't work is ESPN. Next Generation Star Trek movie is on right now, because I WAITED. be PATIENT & wait for the commercial to start then end, then, close down any pop up windows, & click on full screen. most people are rude & impatient
Posted on 2013-09-23 20:35:17 by Ron
выбери карту сука! заебала!
Posted on 2013-08-12 07:37:30 by рус
This wedsite sucks ass! It never works good!
Posted on 2013-06-21 06:23:09 by meehee
Tis website sucks ass! It never works go!
Posted on 2013-06-21 06:22:30 by meehee
two programmes runing at the same time wow what bulls__t
Posted on 2013-05-02 06:42:58 by clyde
why is this channel constantly off air would make a huge difference if you could actually view programmes
Posted on 2013-02-15 03:48:33 by T
great site nice job!
Posted on 2012-12-19 19:00:27 by Don
Where is syfy what is going on man how do you expect to get viewers when your channels half of the time are not working get them working.
Posted on 2012-08-23 17:30:24 by Alicia
Sd baby
Posted on 2012-07-13 17:00:18 by Jordan
Happy Sad Cool Smug Confused Sleep
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